Here you can find a list of collaborating universities and their elected representatives.

Join the BUSEMA team!

Each UK university has a BUSEMA representative.


Their role is to promote the events that core committee of BUSEMA organise and to host BUSEMA events at their own institution.

Please see below for information about who the current BUSEMA rep for your university is.

Please complete the online application form. There is no deadline for this role and applications may be received and positions awarded on a rolling basis, however to get the most out of the position we firmly suggest applying early!

Results of you application will be released shortly after receipt and you will be contacted by the Core Committee if you have been awarded the role.

Currently we only host BUSEMA reps at UK universities with a medical school.


If you would like to be a BUSEMA rep at a university that does not have a medical school, we'd be delighted to support your interests.

BUSEMA Representative Application

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